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Tax Juggling

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1Tax Juggling Empty Tax Juggling on Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:44 am


Need ses? The best method is to juggle your taxes. (other than stealing it from others of course)

This is risky though, if you forget and leave it set at 100%, say overnight, not only does your population leave, they riot, destroying your res. Do this in an army city, your food production will go negative, and if your not stocked on crops you'll be loosing troops too!

This also takes time. Basically you gradually decrease your taxes to raise your population, then tax 100% when you get max pop. If you have a LOT of time on your hands, you can manage to do this twice a day. I normally do it once.

We'll start off at 50% tax rate (that's where most people leave it, or if you juggle this is normally where it stays overnight). Gradually lower this, 5-10% at a time(I go by 10's as I'm usually doing something else), until your allegience equals out, then lower again.

So, taxes are at 50%, and allegience is 50 when we start. Lower the rate to 45%. When alleg evens out at 55, lower taxes again to 40%. Alleg gets to 60, drop taxes to 35%...

Repeat this until you've raised your alleg to 90 or 95(your taxes will be at either 10% or 5% respectively), and thus a population closer to your max capacity. Then you sqeeze every last cent out 'em! Tax your city 100% until alleg drops to 50, then drop the rate back to 50%, do a disaster releif in the temple, and do it again!

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