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Battle Mechanics

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Order of attack

1. Only 3 Heroes can be in battle at any give time, taking the position of Left Flank, Center, Right Flank, 1st hero sent going left(top of the screen in battle replay), 2nd going center(um center of the screen of course), 3rd going right(bottom). In the case where there's a 4th hero or more, that hero(and the rest) will only enter the battle provided any one of the 3 on the battlefield are wiped out, taking their place in the order of Top to Bottom during the round AFTER.

2. With EVERY round, both sides will exchange attacks with death toll taking effect only at end of the round. Ideally you should end the battle in as few rounds as possible to reduce losses.

3. Order of attack goes from
Top(1st to enter) hero: Back Row (ranged) Left to Right, followed by Front row Left to Right,
followed by Middle hero: Back Row (ranged) Left to Right, followed by Front row Left to Right,
the Bottom hero: Back Row (ranged) up and down baby, followed by Front row Left to Right.

Note that if a Protective Stop is used this can end the battle earlier, but doesn't always work. I believe there is a minimum of 5 rounds of battle before protective stop is active(not sure on that number though, 5 is the smallest I remember seeing when I did use the feature)

Targeting priority

1. Targets directly in front of the formation take first priority. If there are no targets/no hero directly in front, the division will target any remaining enemy formation closest to the top of the screen.

2. Ranged/Missile Assail is capable of striking any of the six divisions on the enemy side. All rear divisions as well as the Principes are capable of utilizing this attack.

Close Assail is utilized with melee units - all divisions in the front row. They can only target the back row if the entire front row is decimated, and will prefer the division directly across from them. If there are no troops directly across it will target the closest division to the top.

So to further paint this picture..

when you load your heroes, you'll notice the front row and back row are labled. Front row has Divisions I, II, and III. the rear row has Dvisions IV, V, and VI.

The attacking hero hits first, the first hero to enter, the hero you launch with. If it has Sag, Ballis, or Onags on it, they will attack first.

So division 4 strikes first. It will target division 1 of the enemey's hero at the top of the screen. Division 5 is second, and would target the enemey's division 2. Division 6 strikes third, hitting enemey's division 3.

Then, your melee units attack. Division 1 attacks division 1, 2 attacks 2, 3 attacks 3. So, basically everyone attacked the front row of the enemy that go round.

If our rear division 4 had killed all the troops in the enemey's division 1, then our front division 1 would target the enemy rear division 4. That's as far as I'm going with this. I strongly suggest watching your battle replays, maybe this will make more sense hahah


Hastatus/Hastati (Hast)
Weak but cost efficient. Damage bonuses versus Equi. Human shields.
Best load:faculty ratio at 40:1, makes them great for marauding cities when you want maximum capacity hauls. They work well against equis despite poor attack and defense. They also turn out your best damage sponges, being the first target for enemy forces(remember our targeting priorities?), and best for removing traps/rockfalls(as they instantly kill infantry and hast are cheap baby!). Don’t underestimate hast, with equipment boosts, you can make tons of hast cheap and quick, and enjoy huge benefits.
Special ability: Ambush Resistance, prevents a pony’s Ambush Assault

Equites (Equis/ponies)
Arguably the most useful troop. Not too expensive, fast, and capable of taking down entire formations by themselves. Uppermiddle class consumption of 18 crops each. Fastest at 900 tempo. Maraud ratio 100:3(second only to hast). Bigest downfall… utterly useless in a colonize(attacker or defender)! Well, so long as the wall is standing, ponies will just stand there and get punched in the mouth.
Flanking, deals 150% normal damage if the target is not the front division directly across from them.
Annihilation Sweep, permits a second full attack if the first completely wiped the original target(but has to be within the same hero)
Ambush Assault, attacks pierce through to the rear division right behind the target
(flanking and annihilation sweep are innate; Ambush assault requires tech lvl 7)

Principes (Princ)
Missile attack give them a second attack. 400 hp per unit, and defense equals the ponies making the great for low losses. The balance comes with the price to produce(Arming 6 and 600 ses per unit), and the crop intake to keep them. (and you sure as hell won’t get many from captive packs, not in comparison to other troops)
Special: Missile, allows a ranged attack in addition to the standard melee for the first two rounds. 50% damage, and subject to targeting priority

Sagittarius (Sag)
The hast of the rear divisions. Extremely weak(actually, bar none, the weakest). Fastest of the rear divisions with 250 tempo(lil slower than hast). 25:1 maraud ration is better than the other two. Main advantage is Dispersion. Works well disarming traps, but useless against rockfall. Like hast, however, they can dangerous with gear.
Special: Dispersion, deals damage to ALL enemy divisions in a hero’s formation for 25% of the sag’s normal damage, as long as the total damage exceeds that of the damage had they attacked normally. (makes them great for getting rid of enemy dummies thanks to the turn order)

Ballistae (Ballis)
“Transitional” unit.. better than the sag, not as good as the onag. These might have use early in a server, but once you can make onags, you won’t queue any ballis. The best use they have, I think, is for the free resources early in the game…open captive packs and dismiss all the ballis! Later, when you really aren’t in short supply of res, they are good for wasting on dummies.
Special: Piercing, deals 50% damage to the division directly behind the target

Onagers (Onag)
Strongest troop in the game. 600 hp and base attack of 32. They eat the most, though(150 frickin crops a piece!), the slowest at 100 tempo, and crap for maraud ratio 9.375:1. They’re the most efficient against Walls and Barbicans(double offense vs. barbs). The only troop to require stone to build. Great for colonizing, but this is really when you hate your return times(on the bright side it’s never more than 4hrs….)
Special: Fire Balls, deal double damage(200% normal 400% vs. wall), and 50% of the base damage strikes barbicans as collateral damage.

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