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WTH is a Dummy!!??

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1WTH is a Dummy!!?? Empty WTH is a Dummy!!?? on Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:38 pm


A typical dummy army is:

Front: Div 1: 1 Hast / Div 2: 1 Hast /Div 3: 1 Hast

Rear: Div 4: 1 Sag / Div 5: 1 Sag / Div 6: 1 Sag

You want a crapload of dummy armies on lvl 1 heroes, heheh. Dummies are important for just about any attack. The reason for their effectiveness is due to how the battle mechanics work on CoR.

On the battlefield there are 3 spaces for heroes. When joining the heroes line up from 1st - 3rd in left to right. So your first hero will go in the most left spot(top of the screen), 2nd in the middle and 3rd right(bottom). When an army attacks, they attack the closest army which is the one right aross from them. If you have 1 hast in Division 1 and your opponent has 20,000 Hast in his, all 20k will attack your 1 for 1 round. So dummy armies are to waste rounds of the other players armies. Meanwhile you want your hammer to be attacking his hammer.

Best case scenerio is to catch a player using no dummies and his army being in the top right. Meanwhile you have 2 dummies and then your hammer. So he only attacks your dummies and your hammer attacks his hammer. Meaning he takes huge losses and you only lose few hast and sag. It is a good idea to attack with as many dummies as you think you need, whether that be 2, 10, 50 etc.
(Yea this whole dummy bit seems rather stupid, but without it, there is no strategy in CoR).

There are some counters to dummies. Higher level tech will help improve the survival rate of your dummy. Also adding more then just 1 in each division. If you suspect a player will use d/d/h you can counter with d/m/d and have more and/or stronger dummy armies than him.

There's also the case of Anvils. An anvil is a bigger dummy in essence, but used to also counter(help soften the enemy up for your hammer). Anvil set ups for wilds can be pretty simple and use princs or equis, with 20/20/20, 50/50/50, etc. Against players a good anvil would be based on 1/1/100 hast 1/1/1 sag. These can end up needing higher lvl heroes as you can fill them up like: 10k/10k/100k hast 10k/10k/10k sag

Now with all that said.. Why don't 1/1/1 dummies work on lvl 7 and up wilds? The answer is Tech levels, and more precisely, the sag special ability: Dispersion! Now, not all lvl 7 wilds have all lvl 7 techs, so sometimes a 1/1/1 dummy will still work(find a wild with Footpace lvl 6, and no ballis/onags.. you need Reconn lvl 9 to see a wild's tech lvl).

What dispersion does is allow the sag to attack all 6 divisions on a given hero. This means the sag alone can wipe out your dummy, leaving the melee(or ballis/onag) to either start working on your next dummy or hit your hammer. That's the simple explanation. There's some math involved that you can use to figure the exact amount of troops you'd need on a dummy, but I won't get into that now.

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