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War Simulation Colosseum (WSC) and Rebel Cities (RC)

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1 Black Aglet and 40 physical to launch
40 physical to join an arena


Bread (100% every level; WSC & RC)

Red Pass(es) (100% every level; WSC & RC)

Black Pass(es) ( lvl 1-10 ONLY 100%; WSC & RC)

Commentarii de Bello Civili (lvls 10, 20, 30 ONLY 100%; WSC & RC)

Commentarii de Bello Gallico (lvls 40, 50 ONLY 100%; WSC & RC).
** Comm. Civili is your 30% troop speed up, and Comm. Gallico is your 50% troop speed up. Very useful, and using them, there is a chance to get an instant finish!(there was once a good strategy behind increasing the odds of an IF, but that has been rendered all but useless now that canceling a queue will cost a % of the res.)**

Regional Emblem (a chance each level; RC ONLY)
**Probably the biggest reason to hit RC’s. The regional emblems are needed for obtaining gear, and which emblem you get depends on the RC that you attack(Rome Emblems from Italia; Spain Emblems from Hispania, Carthage Emblems from Carthage, etc.)**

Honor Emblem (a chance at lvl 50; RC ONLY)

Experience and honor are also awarded dependent on the level of the WSC/RC, and rather unnoticeable until lvl 40. There is also a chance to get random other things such as Treasure Maps or various medals to buff your heroes. I’m not sure if there is a chance to get these random extras every round or just in the later ones, but your chances are increased past lvl 30.
Events and Special Occasions are usually based around RC’s. During these, normally lvls 30 and 50 have special drops, or sometimes every 10th level.

There are no losses suffered in a WSC, even if your army is wiped, every troop you send will come back. So they can be useful when you want to play around with what you send to the RC’s. Past that, the only time I bother with the WSC’s is lvl 1-10, as you get your Black Pass every round with 3 on the 10th round. RC’s, however, have a 20% loss rate. Meaning, out of all the troops that your report says you lost, only 20% of those are really lost. So, even if you get wiped here, it’s not the end of the world.

Basic strategy is to use equi hammers with only one stack of ponies for each level; using 3 stacks only for the 10th levels. So 1-9 has ponies in division 1 only, then for lvl 10(or 20, 30,..) you have ponies in divisions 1,2, and 3. This is because you are facing 3 heroes in each 10th level, but all the rest you only face one hero. You only need one stack of ponies to take out an entire hero full of troops.

Levels 1-29 are pretty easy and don’t require the use of dummies to have low losses, but you can use them if you want for no loss(except when you face three heroes, then even with a best case scenario you still will take some loss). I start using dummies on 30 and up. A pony dummy for a quick launch a 5/5/5 dummies like I use for AoI. (you can reuse them just like AoI)

**RC’S have normal launch and return times, so people can jump in before you and mess up your chain of attacks (potentially causing you losses), and steal your RC. WSC’s on the other hand have a flat rate launch time of 2 minutes with a normal return time.**

When launching against lvls 1-30, have 10 heroes set up with equis (a lvl 10 plaza is key to quickly taking WSC/RC’S when they reset). Then launch all 10 at your target, one after the other (making sure to launch in order if you use the minimal amount of equis per lvl).


(this is the basic dummy-less method)
WSC/RC lvl..__..Hammer(equis)









31-35.............50k/0/0 (d/d/h for no loss)

36-39.............100k/0/0 (d/d/h for no loss)

40................100k/0/0 (on 3 heroes)

Ok so at this point we just sent 300k horses for lvl 40, and the four previous had 100k which is probably close the max faculty of your best heroes (if you can even fit 100k on one hero yet)! So 41-50 will require dummies, but first, let’s look at some other numbers.

When you have equis to spare, and/or competition for the RC’s is high, it’s a better idea to send enough equis on each hammer so that you can ensure that you will be able to take the next 10 levels in case another player tries to steal the RC. So..

Lvl 1-10 send 1k/0/0 equis (with 1k/1k/1k on your 10th hero)
Lvl 11-20 send 5k and 10k heroes

These are usually the quickest to go, and then people have to contend with return times. So what you send past this is up to you, and how bad the competition is.

For lvl 30+ you may not be able to send the recommended amount of equis, so the use of dummies is necessary. Up to lvl 40(or 45) you can use a 50k equi hammer with just two dummies. If you take losses, then you’ll need more dummies. Think 2 dummies max per round, then see how many extra rounds you need dummies for. Of course if you don’t have 50k horses, you can always use less. This only means you aren’t going to kill the enemy hero in one round, so you will need extra dummies. It’s the same concept for 40-50; 50k horses isn’t going to 1 round the enemy, so more dummies will be needed. I don’t have any concrete numbers because I will just put as many horses on a hero as he can hold, and add dummies when I take losses.

Beating Lvl 50

You are facing 3 big Princ/Onag hammers, each set up with apprx.: 5k/40k/5k princ , 5k/20k/5k onags, and lvl 10 techs. This bad boy is nothing like AoI, it will hurt. You can’t hit this lvl comfortably without gear and a hero that can carry at least 90k horses. This means it needs to be at least lvl 190 with lvl 10 Leadership tech.

Best case scenario is you have three full sets of gear and three big heroes that can each carry 100k+. Otherwise, you want avoid the first two rounds(princs double attack), and expect the battle to last at least one round per enemy hero (so 3). So, you’re looking at a minimum of 5 rounds. With one hammer, you want at least 10 dummies, but no harm in sending extra if it’s your first time. Thus, you are looking to send something like 6 dummies / hammer / at least 4 more dummies, with your hammer set with at least 30k/30k/30k. (you don’t have to avoid the double attack though, I get lazy and send d/d/h/more dummies).

To further better you chances, load your hero with all the horses it can carry. Now, reverse his talent points, and resign all points into Bravery and Parry. You add nothing to Sway, leaving it at its base. This is costing you at least 20 reversion acts each time though, and is optional. I do it, and don’t bother to avoid the first two rounds; and loose the same amount as somebody who doesn’t reverse their points but does avoid the double attack. So, not really sure how much it helps, but technically your hero is about twice as strong and beefy(also a good technique for PvP).

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