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City Set up

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1City Set up Empty City Set up on Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:45 pm


Yeah, probably not info some of you guys, or most I hope, need; but I have been asked plenty of times how people build troops so fast or support so large of an army. So, basically your city set up is the key to this. (Also your play style and city set aren't wrong just because it's not exactly like the following examples. Don't go abandoning your cities to start over! hehe)

Edit: I found Onde's start up guide the other day. I used this when i first started playing. It's outdated, but numbers it gives still works, and most of what he says is in the rest of this post, but I haven't read it in a while there may be other bits of useful info I've forgotten to mention here.
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Anyway, I’ll cover the more popular ses/army city set ups here for anyone who doesn’t have all 10 of your cities built, or those that are just complete noobs we may pick up, or those that want to pwn noobs in new servers. This isn’t the end all be all of set ups now, there are plenty of ways to build a city, but this is a good and proven set up. You can support yourself, and build lots of troops fast. Take the info, and adjust it to your play style Wink

Ses/Res City

These produce your sestreces and resources. They feed your army city, your troops aren’t housed here. In these cities, you do not make jobs in crop production, only make iron/lumber/stone jobs. You worship Juno in a ses city, and only Juno.

The most productive set up will consist of 1 university, 1 temple, 1 plaza, 1 warehouse, 1 market, all the rest are cottages. You do not need an amphitheater, academy, outpost, or any war buildings. Some people like to use multiple warehouses so they “can hold more res”. This is absolutely pointless, in my opinion(and many others). Use your res as soon as you get it and you don’t need to store it. As you are not making troops in this city, an academy is not needed unless you want faster market transport time and rockfalls. (rockfalls are only useful for buffing your prestige, you should’ve spent that stone on onags) Out posts are the generally considered the most useless building in the game. I’ll won’t argue that it doesn’t have its use, though it takes a stable to upgrade an outpost to a high enough level to make it worth it so you are wasting two spots that are better used for cottages. Those two cottages will make you more ses in the long run, buddy.

At some point, you will probably want to start using these cities to house troops, as you'll find your other cities getting full and having a crops deficiet in the multiple millions. This will probably happen late in your game play, when you have a few cities or most cities at or close to lvl 30. When you want to house troops in a ses city, you need an academy, so one of your cottages will need to go, or you can put in an academy when you first start building and not worry about it. When you start using these to house and launch troops, you'll need to plan ahead and start building crop jobs. You may even need to dismiss workers from other jobs. Then, eventually, you will want to get rid of all your other jobs, and have nothing but crop production going to support all the troops a city like this can be capable of holding. At this point, your other resource production doesn't matter, as you will have tons of troops to raid other cities to get all the res you need to keep your queues up.

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Army City

These hold your troops and heroes, you make jobs in crop production ONLY, and seize only rivers. You worship Minerva in an army city, typically, but Juno is also a good choice (sometimes better choice, as with more pop you can hold more troops and stack up bigger troop queues, and earn some extra ses).

Army cities generally have 9-18 army buildings (9 stables, or 9 workshops, or 9 barracks, or any comination of the three), 1 warehouse (anymore than that in an army city, or any city really, and your freakin paranoid.. ONLY 1 DAMMIT! Your army is your resource protection), temple, university, academy, plaza, amphitheater, and the rest cottages. (more army buildings = faster troop production, less = bigger troop queues and higher pop to hold more troops)

Your first army city will be a pony city, so 9 stables. Ponies are your main weapon for the most part, until you get gear. Second and third army cities generally have 6 workshops and 3 barracks. Or maybe you want another pony city, or you want to crank out onags.. then you’d build accordingly. Just consider what you want to build in the city, and how far away are your other cities from this one if you want to transfer troops around(onags can take forever to reinforce another city!).

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Floating Cities

Another set up, is to make the city self-sufficient. These cities you make jobs in iron/stone/lumber till they produce about 100k/hr(not a concrete number, adjust as you see fit), then dump the rest of your jobs in crops. They have the advantage of not being cemented down to any one spot, as it doesn’t rely on another city nor does another city rely on it, so these cities can move about the map at your whim. This handy for attacking other players, by moving close to shorten attack/return times. Also they have less army buildings and more cottages, so ultimately they hold more troops. Disadvantage is troop building is slowed.

These have somewhere between 4-6 troop buildings, 1 warehouse, temple (juno), university, academy, plaza, amphitheater, and the rest cottages. If you are like some people, you use a few floating cities in combination with your ses and army cities. Your army city can supply troops to the floater when it is low, or production is slow, and you have a mobile fortress full of troops.

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I’ve only got 4 army buildings in this floater’s pic. It produces troops very sloooooowly, but my army cities reinforce it fairly often, when they produce more troops than they can hold. So it pretty much is an overflow tank for my army that can move around, and houses some pretty nice hammers. As I said 4-6 army building so you could put two more in that pic, and get a little bit better troop building time, or add workshops, or even make them all the same(for even faster troop builds)

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i usually keep 3 army cities, 1 (sometimes 2) res cities, a few floating cities, and 1 war city (practically same as floating cities but meh whatever)

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