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Some Tips and Tricks

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1Some Tips and Tricks Empty Some Tips and Tricks on Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:57 pm


A little space for any useful bits of info to make the CoR life a lil easier. Feel free to reply with any tricks you use.

Like, a list of coords to the WSC/RC and all the Carthage Rebels. Come reset time, you copy the coords and send them in a personal message to an offline league mate. Then you have yourself a clickable reference to make cycling through all those mobs faster, and so you know you got 'em all.

Egypt [302,475]Carthage [92,455]Parthia [422,350]Italia [274,260]Hispania [94,293]Macedon [381,214]Gauls [102,165]Asiana [412,55]Britons [60,26]Reich [323,108]

Egypt 1[330,390] 2[267,462] 3[367,455] 4[389,459]
Carthage 1[61,444] 2[130,425] 3[90,488] 4[180,491]
Parthia 1[451,330] 2[398,369] 3[470,393] 4[454,460]
Italia 1[245,254] 2[198,335] 3[307,315] 4[248,389]
Hispania 1[69,219] 2[38,251] 3[31,294] 4[69,332]
Macedon 1[361,189] 2[350,239] 3[440,210] 4[432,279]
Gauls 1[141,151] 2[110,152] 3[200,168] 4[168,210]
Asiana 1[396,20] 2[458,68] 3[417,121] 4[480,71]
Britons 1[39,26] 2[27,112] 3[89,51] 4[149,127]
Reich 1[281,18] 2[241,89] 3[330,67] 4[300,142]

Carthage Thugs:

Carthage Insurgents:
[16,380] [57,410][86,429][109,440][47,468][64,470][73,483][105,470][1,380][80,425]

Carthage Revolt:

Carthage Revolt Main:


Or if you are colonizing people, and want to know how many to send to win in so many rounds, there's a calculator for that. You can find it on HumanGirl's Ceasary Blog. She's also got a lot of other useful calculators and good info on CoR.
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Free Dummy Heroes
Sieze and release lvl 1 wilds to capture low lvl heroes to use as dummies. Keeping a captured hero doesn't actually deduct any sestreces from you, but you do have to actually have the ses that it would normally cost to buy the hero if it had come out of your amp. You do still have to pay the hourly wage, and feed the hero. Great technique when you don't want to shell out the initial fee, or if your amp isn't giving you any low lvl heroes.

Some things I've already talked about in other post. I'm sure there's a few more, I'll add 'em as I think of 'em. Or, like I said, post your tip in a reply.

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2Some Tips and Tricks Empty lux hunting on Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:03 am


Most people tell you to farm your wilds like a maniac for luxuries. If you really want to get lux, though, you have to go a different route. Unless you have tons of free time on your hands that is.

What you need to do is hit the Carthage Rebels and Criminals. The criminals are the Thieves, Gangsters, and Bandits in each province. There's only two rounds to each, and they reset something like each 8 hours or something like that. Veteran players on a new server will hit these as soon as they have a few treasure maps to launch, as none of them will take more than a few hundred ponies win. You get captive packs, resource packs, and lux from these. I don't exactly remember which lux you get, but it is at least dye and spice, probably wine as well.

Carthage Rebels are all in Carthage, and they are Thugs, Insurgents, Revolt, Revolt Main Force, and Schemers. These are league based NPC's, they are meant to be hit with your friends as a team. Only players in the same league as the person who launched can add to these arenas. Each has a player and hero limit.

Thugs and Insurgents are doable solo. Revolt is soloable as well, but if you're worried about loosing your troops, then it's better to get your league mates help due to the fact it cost Repression Horns to not only launch, but add to as well; and there's a daily limit on the horns.

From Thugs you can get Dye, Spices, Wine, Wool, and Silk. Also small captive packs and treasure maps, and on level 10 a possible Archimide's Note. From Insurgents you can get Wool, Silk, and Furs; also medium captive packs and maybe some other things. Revolt can get you Silk, Fur, and Ivory; and Revolt Main can get you Ivory and Diamonds.

I'm not going into the set ups for any of these though, maybe I'll get to that later. We do already have a post on Revolt setup. Maybe some day I'll get around to updating it, and the rest, but no promises Razz. But here's a few pics of the thugs and insurgent drops:

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Note, however, you won't always get nice drops, sometimes you will get nothing, but you will definately get luxuries a lot easier from these than from wilds.

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3Some Tips and Tricks Empty POT Heroes on Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:52 pm


It's been my experience, that during the double and triple drop events POT heroes show up more often in your amps. So I tend to save most of my Recruitment Rescrips and use them up when they have these events. I like to remind my league mates, and they seem to have good luck with it too. In fact, there's a drop event at the time of writing this, and I just picked up a POT 7 on the first try, and a POT 5 within the next 10 tries and still have plenty more rescrips for when the x3 event starts Smile

4Some Tips and Tricks Empty Re: Some Tips and Tricks on Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:47 am


in my experience there is a much higher drop rate on the lvl 1 bandits than level 2.

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