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Lux Hunting Guide (Yeah-Imma's)

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1Lux Hunting Guide (Yeah-Imma's) Empty Lux Hunting Guide (Yeah-Imma's) on Sun Nov 06, 2011 7:05 pm


Make minimum 5-9 armies, if your plaza can handle 10, then make 10 armies. Each army has 1 hero and enough troops in that hero to win against the wild. You may still take losses though.
This is a rough guide:
This may need adjustment according to your tech level.
LVL 4 1200-1200-1200 Ponies
LVL 5 1400-1400-1400 Ponies
LVL 6 2000-2000-2000 Ponies
LVL 7 3000-3000-3000 Ponies
LVL 8 5000-5000-5000 Ponies
LVL 9 9000-9000-12000 Ponies

~ Send your 5 to 8 armies out to the same wild, all in very close succession level 2 = Dye, level 3 = Spices, level 4 = Wine, and so on..... Those 5 to 8 armies should make 5 to 8 separate Arena's on the same wild, and no people we don’t use dummies when we farm for Lux.
~ If you do it like this you will lose troops but instead of farming for the same lux the next 2 or 3 days you will have your 10 Lux in 30 min. and less than 20 minutes if there is a Double Drop event. I got 10 spices during double drop and I did it in fewer than 20 min. and in 58 attacks. Without the DD event you might have to hit the same wild 100 times but with 5 to 8 waves every 1 or 2 min. You will get the Lux. in no time. The secret is hits in succession, for some reason the system drops them more when numerous attacks without dummies.

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