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Drunkin Babble with ORTIZ

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1Drunkin Babble with ORTIZ Empty Drunkin Babble with ORTIZ on Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:07 pm


You say to Ortizjoel].: oh wait, your league name is gay to. its like mermaids. wtf!

[Ortizjoel] says to you: wait what lol (Reply)

[Ortizjoel] says to you: Myrmidons the Elite Soldiers of the Greek Army lead by the Legendary Achilles (Reply)

[You say to Ortizjoel].: I wanted to join you tact and 0-60, you guys seam good, but F that. the name sounds gay, it doesnt roll of the tounge, it doesnt sound tough.

[You say to Ortizjoel].: they might of been tuff way back in the day, but now they just sound a little fenemin.
[Ortizjoel] says to you: it isn't gay lol (Reply)
[Ortizjoel] says to you: hahah (Reply)

[You say to Ortizjoel].: no, its not gay. good meaning. SOUNDS GAY.

[Ortizjoel] says to you: hahahah (Reply)

[You say to Ortizjoel].: So I think this weekend I'm going to the beach, and hopefully I'll get to swim with some myrmidons.

[Ortizjoel] says to you: -.- (Reply)

[You say to Ortizjoel].: yep definatly sounds gay.

[Ortizjoel] says to you: ur funny lol (Reply)

[You say to Ortizjoel].: let me know when you cahnge the name to something a little cooler.

[Ortizjoel] says to you: don't u think that their are a tons of worse names (Reply)

[You say to Ortizjoel].: LOL WHAT? ofcourse there are, but just cause that name is not at the bottom of the list doesnt mean its ok.
[You say to Ortizjoel].: I mean would you think being a fruitcake is ok compaired to a f@ggot?
[You say to Ortizjoel].: not as bad, but still gay.

[Ortizjoel] says to you: (Reply)

[You say to Ortizjoel].: like I said, cool back in the day, good idea. but it sounds gay. gay ment happy, fag ment ciggarette. not anymore.
[You say to Ortizjoel].: now a myrmidon is a gay male mermaid.

[Ortizjoel] says to you: O_O (Reply)
[Ortizjoel] says to you: well, i'm a Myrdinon and i;m proud of it (Reply)

[You say to Ortizjoel].: well maybe I'll see you at the beach one day sitting on a rock with our wrist arched dreaming about growing legs so that you can join the gay pride parade.

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