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CALL OF ROMA V 1.25 changes

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1CALL OF ROMA V 1.25 changes Empty CALL OF ROMA V 1.25 changes on Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:23 pm


There's no release date as of yet. But they've given us some new info, most notably: three new NPC's and reformatting the AoI positions.

Also, they are making it easier to get Censor and Quaestar ranks. They're changing the costs and rank needed to buy Horns and Orders for the Rhine Fortresses as well as how many we can buy per day(99 orders, 9 horns) and the amount of horns and orders allowed in our inventory will be 3 instead of 1 at a time, plus the option to buy a limited amount using Grey/Yellow/Purple aglets(3 daily)!

Less notably, there will be a couple extra starting items. They may also change the world map somehow, but no details there.

Three New NPCs:
Rhine Colloseum (Thin, Medium, and Huge)
that's all they've said on that so far

Reformatting AoI:
New coords, and only two or one of each type(however, the amount of levels available for each don't look to have changed). So there are only two sets of coords for Fronts - Heavies, then one set of coords for Royals and Skullbearer. Fronts will have 40 available rounds, Lights will have 30 available rounds, Heavies and Royals will have 20 rounds, and Skully will have 10 rounds.

Front Squad: [465,87][468,90]
Front Squadron: [447,69][450,72]
Front Cohort: [431,53][434,56]
Front Division: [413,35][416,38]

Light Armored Squad:[470,72][473,75]
Light Armored Squadron:[456,58][459,61]
Light Armored Cohort:[442,44][445,47]
Light Armored Division:[428,30][431,33]

Heavy Armed Squad:[475,57][478,60]
Heavy Armed Squadron:[465,47][468,50]
Heavy Armed Cohort:[453,35][456,38]
Heavy Armed Division:[443,25][446,28]

Royal Squad:[480,42]
Royal Squadron:[474,36]
Royal Cohort:[464,20]
Royal Division:[458,20]

Fearless Skullbearer:[479,21]

And here's the CoR Forum for the rest of the info they've given [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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