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This is a guide I have put together over the last year and a half of playing Caesary nothing in here is set in stone and it is always being updated. Use it as a template and make it your own by expiramenting with it and trying to improve it. If you come up with better ways to do things please let me know so I can adapt and adjust.

All new players should save all the gold you get from Quests with the exception of the quest to buy an item from the mall, buy one goat. If you follow the quest lines you will amass 50 gold by the time you reach level 4 rectorate. 50 gold will allow you to purchase a Motivational speech which allows you to have 3 builders for 7 days. Building at the begining of the game with three builders allows you to build fast and efficiently I would add this to help you along... always build 1 cot 1 troop or city building and 1 resource rotate through your recourses building them evenly at all times. The exception to this is that some players early in the game will dedicate one resource to each city and only build that resource after making 100 to 1000 jobs of each type. To quickly raise prestige you can concentrate on building temple, wall and rectorate. You can also build Barbicons, equites and scouts as well as other troops to raise prestige. These give you the most prestige per hour. Do not neglect other areas of building but make these your priority.


There are three types of cities that I have found to be useful in the game. A war city, a troops city and a resource city. Each has a distinct function and althouth some prefere Just the troop and resource cities having one city to accept all troops and stage attacks from makes it easier to draw lines between Troops and resources.

War City

This city accepts almost all troops trained in the troops cities it will supplement the recources needed to train troops early in the game and will be able to hold and feed a massive amount of troops later. In the beginning of the game it will serve double duty as your War City and your Resource city. This is your main city and should be set up in this manner.
2 Warehouses, 1 Temple, 1 Market, 1 Amphetheatre, 1 University, 1 Academy, 1 Plaza, 1 Barricks, 1 Stable, 1 Workshop, 1 Outpost, the rest should be cottages. Tax should be set at 20-30% in the beginning of the game and set down to 10% after your Resource city is up and running. You should worship Juno in your temple.

Troop city

Your Troop scity should be the second city built. This city will train troops and manufacture war machines for use in battle. A troop city should be set up in this manner.
1 Warehouse, 1 Temple, 1 Market, 1 Amphetheatre, 1 University, 1 Academy, 1 Plaza, 10 Barricks, or 10 Stables and or 10 workshops. Tax rates should be set at between 20-35%. You should worship Minerva in your temple.

Your third city should be your resource city It will make the resources you need to make troops and crops to suppliment your War city. A Resource city should be set up in this manner:
2 Warehouses, 1 Temple, 1 Market, 1 University, 1 Plaza, 1 Stable to build scouts, 1 Outpost, and the rest Cottages. Tax should be set at 30%. Temple worship should be set to Juno. You will note that I do not use Jupiter at all. I find it a waste if you use him you should deconstruct him later and switch to the other suggested Gods.

You will have 10 cities when you are maxed out all should use these templates. I suggest one war city and 6 Troop Cities and three Resource Cities.


Amass as many level 1 and 2 Heros as you can afford to pay DO NOT LEVEL these heros. Their primary function is to lead dummies into battle taking fire from your hammer which will be lead by your POT hero. Level only Pot Heros the reason for this is that a level one hero is cheaper to hold than a level 255. So to save sesterces level only your pot heros.


The most widely used dummie set up is 1/1/1 hastus in the three front divisions and 1/1/1 Sags in the back divisions, then any combination of hastus and sags up to 1000 can be used. Level 7 wilds and after I suggest at least 50/15/15 hastus and sags. this is a personal preference but you can use it or adjust it you will need more troops in your dummies when attacking the higher level wilds.


A hammer is a combination of troops designed to easily kill the troops of the wilds or other players you attack. There are as many set ups as there are situations and players. we will talk more about minimal set ups for wilds later.


All players should hit level 1,2,3 for grey aglets 45 times a day. Level 4,5,6 for Yellow aglets again 45 yellow aglets per day, and later level 7,8,9,10 for purple aglets. Rewards are good for these attacks:


5 grey 1 Mini pack of captives
20 Grey 3 mini packs of captives
20 grey 1 black war pass


5 yellow 1 medium pack of captives
20 yellow 3 medium pack of captives
20 Yellow 2 black war passes


5 Purple 1 large pack of captives
20 Purple 3 large pack of captives
20 Purple 5 black war passes

If you do this every day you will amass 8 Black war passes a day at quaestor rank you will recieve one black war pass a day which will bring your daily possible black war passes to nine. You will also collect 4 packs of each size of captive packs per day. Which in the beginning of the game is crucial to build your troops quickly.


Black war passes allow you to fight in the War Simulation Collusium or WSC and Rebel Cities RC. You will be able to collect red passes from WSC and RC. There are many nice rewards to barter for from Reds. The most important is a POT8 Hero when you reach 300 red passes. This hero is very important and will be the one you want to fight in asiana with, he will gain 80 extra trait points for each 100 levels.


1-2 wild 10-10-10 princ / 40-40-40 equs
lvl 7 tech. 10/10/10 principses
lvl 3 wild 50-50-50 princ, 50-50-50 princ lvl 7 tech. 30/30/30 principes
D/D/100-100-100 Equs
lvl 4 wild d/d/0-250-250 equs lvl 7 tech. 60/60/60 principes
lvl 5 wild d/d/0-500-500 equs
lvl 6 wild d/1000-1000-1000 equs/d 6 equs loss

Level 7 Wild Luxury: Furs D = Dummy H = Hammer You can expect to find anything from 4000 – 7000 enemy troops in these wilds. Be sure to scout and find one with a low troop count that has Equites. You will also need to strengthen your dummies. If they fail you will take a high loss to your Equites. Use dummies loaded with 50/15/15 Hastatus or 50/15/15 Sagittarius. You don’t need both at this point. You will also need to start using a 1700/1700/1700 formation for your Equites. Continue to use the DHD formation; you will want to find wilds that have Equites in them. You should take a loss of about 9 Equites total. Security, Medication, and Equitation should all be at Lv 7
lvl 7 wild d/1000-1000-1000 equs/d 75 equ loss
lvl 8 wild d=25-25-25 hast 30-30-30 sags/4000-4000-4000 equs/d=25-25-25 hast 30-30-30 sags
lvl 9 wild d=60-60-60 hast 50-50-50 bali/d=60-60-60 hast 50-50-50 bali/9000-9000-9000 Equis

Axis of Independance

All Troop set-ups for Axis events are similar : DDD DDD DHD DD DD DD DD DD (for a total of 18 fakes and one Hammer) The Dummies are the normal 1/1/1 Hastatus and 1/1/1 Sagittarius. The first two waves of three Dummies are to take some of the sting out of the Principes you are attacking. The position of the Hammer is is the setup for the Hammer. The amount of Equites varies depending on the Axis Forces you are attacking. For Front Squad fill the back line first, with 0 / 5k / 0 Ballistae. 5H / 5H / 30k Equites (or how many Equites you are able to place with the remaining Faculty. Apply (Caesar Marque and/or Cicero Medal) before attempting Front Squad. When you see the Battle report you will be able to tell if you can reduce the number of Dummies sent. Make the adjustment and go again. Not everyone does it this way and you may certainly adjust as you go and make it your own. Remember its just a game and have fun.

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