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Rebel Alliance

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1Rebel Alliance Empty Rebel Alliance on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:26 pm


Rebel Alliance (RA) located in Egypt, at or around [280,280]. There are 10 rounds to the RA, and they reset each 4 or 5 hours. Every level wears gear, has a certain level of Techs, and you face three enemy hammers. The first four levels are pretty easy, and can be beaten with one hammer.

Level 1 wears full Loyal armor, and each enemy hammer has only 200/200/200 princs, and 100/100/100 onags. With lvl 1 techs.

Level 2 wears full Lion, and each enemy has 10k/20k/10k ponies, and 1k/1k/1k ballis. With lvl 2 techs.

Level 3 wears full Fear, and each enemy has 20k/30k/20k ponies, and 1k/1k/1k ballis. With lvl 3 techs.

Level 4 wears full HC gear, and each enemy has 30k/40k/30k ponies, and 1k/1k/1k ballis. With lvl 4 techs.

Level 5 is where it starts to get down right a pain in the ass. From this point on, you face the same hammer with mixed Fear/HC gear, and lvl 10 techs. You’ll need three hammers, each in at least full fear (fear/HC mix is better), and they’re going to need to be reversed.

Each enemy hammer at this point is hast/sag set up, with fear/HC gear, so your ponies will be worthless, and killed in one round if they are reversed.
Each enemy hammer holds 10k/80k/10k hast, and 10k/550k/10k sag. That big stack of 550k sag is a killer.

This is 0% loss rate, so you don’t loss any troops. You also don’t gain a lick of experience for it either, not one point! AND I haven’t seen jack shit drop other than the 25 bugles it has cost to launch the arena. So it looks like this new NPC is a complete and utter waste of time and effort.
At least for now; come version 1.4 this npc is gonna change again. There will be losses, it will drop something, and will be wearing a new equipment

Quote from the official CoR forum:
“After V1.4, this npc will change, drop some items can help upgrade new equipment type, lose troop.”
“Lv 1: 5xLoyal
Lv 2: 5xLion
Lv 3: 5xFearlessness
Lv 4: 5xHardcore
Lv 5: 4xFearlessness + 1xHardcore
Lv 6: 3xFearlessness + 2xHardcore
Lv 7: 4xFearlessness + 1xHardcore + ?xNew Type
Lv 8: 3xFearlessness + 2xHardcore + ?xNew Type
Lv 9: 4xFearlessness + 1xHardcore + ?xNew Type
Lv 10: 3xFearlessness + 2xHardcore + ?xNew Type ”

My advice is don't waste any time on this until they change it, and then, it still might not be worth it. I'll update this when it changes.

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