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The Legacy of Kiba

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1The Legacy of Kiba Empty The Legacy of Kiba on Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:20 pm


Chapter 1 Cities-


When starting Caesary there are a number of things you have to cover. What to build, and how many of what seem to be the biggest questions. When you are considering these things you have to understand how the city works.

1. Tax system
A. Population = Tax
The more people you have in your city, the more money you can get out of them.
B. Tax and it's effects on Population
Tax effects Allegiance, and Allegiance effects population. For example if tax is 0,
Allegiance will be 100% and your population will be 100% according to the capacity.
C. Population effects production
The less people you have living in your city the fewer people there are to fill the jobs
that are made for production.

When starting out, you should focus your cities economy. The more production and population you have the more you can build and the faster you will grow. The key to an economy based city is population. When you expand your city each time you will get 4 additional buildable spots.
Rectorate Lv 1 – 3 = 20 buildable spots.
You should keep population in mind when filling these spots. The higher your population is the better. You will eventually have at least 4 farm cities.

Rectorate is Lv 1 – 4
Cottages: I suggest starting with 8 when you can add more later
Barracks: you really only need one to start with you can add more later.
Temple: You can only have one temple but if you are focusing on population then you should worship Juno
Warehouse: You only need one per city.

Stable: You only need one to start with you can add more later. (should have one in each city)
Workshop: Start with one you can add more later.
Amphitheatre: 1 total for all cities (don’t add to other cities)

Rectorate Lv 4 – 7 = 24 Buildable spots.
I strongly suggest having 11 cottages at this stage. Remember more the more people in your city the more people you can tax. The last open spot to build really could be anything. But remember economy first!
Cottages: Add 3
Open space: Other

Rectorate Lv 8 – 10 = 28 Buildable spots
Keeping population in mind, I would suggest 13 cottages minimum in your city at this point.
Cottages: Add 2
Open Spaces: other

Rectorate Lv 10 = 32 Buildable spots
This is a time when you should have to make a decision, add more cottages or start pushing out troops. If your Rectorate reaches level 10 you are at a point in the game where you probably have more then one city. So population is still important but you will also need troops. You can always alter your city down the road.
Open Spaces: Other

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Chapter 1 Cities Cont'd-


Now that you have 4 farm cities that are making a good amount of resources it’s time to start thinking about your army and making military cities to produce a large army. A good base to an army city is again population, no surprise there. Training an army takes a lot of money, so make sure you have some income in your troop production cities. You can transport the rest from other cities where you can either tax or sell extra resource. Remember your soldiers need food, so be sure to produce only Crops in these cities.

City #5:
I would suggest making this city a Stable city, the more Equites you are able to push the stronger your army will be. When making a military city be sure to set Minerva as your worship for this will bring troop training time down. Of course you will also need a University, and Academy. There is need for an Outpost is not needed in a military city for you will be pushing resources in not out. Although you should still build a market you never know when you’re going to have left over money and it can be used in other cities.
Cottages: 11 – 13
Stables: 8 – 10

City #6
Even though Equites are the best troops to have you should also train others as well. I would suggest your 6th city to be a Barracks city. Principles are good troops to have and can do a lot of damage. Also you can use this city to push out dummy soldier (Hastatus and Sagittarius)
Cottages: 11 – 13
Barracks: 8 – 10
Stables: 1
City #7
I would say make this city a Workshop city. Ballista and Oangers are good to use for fodder and home defense. Even though Oangers are slow and take a long time to get from one place to another. If they are defending their home city, or surrounding cities it shouldn’t take long for them to return. Again they have the highest health, and probably one of the strongest damage ratios in the game.
Cottages: 11 – 13
Workshops: 8 – 10
Stables: 1

City #8,9,10
There are now 3 military production cities, I would suggest revisiting the idea of making farm cities at this point. Farm cities are going to supply you with the resources you need in order to make your troops. Remember Population is key. And remember to keep one stable in each city so you can produce Speculatores

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Chapter 2 Prestige Breakdown-

Prestige breakdown of upgrades.

When building you gain the most prestige from the most costly builds. So the more resources it takes the more prestige its worth.

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Chapter 2 Prestige Breakdown Cont'd-

Prestige breakdown of studies.

When studying, there is a set amount of prestige each study is worth. Again the more money it costs the more prestige its worth. Below are the gains for study.

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Chapter 2 Prestige Breakdown Cont'd-

Prestige breakdown of troops.

What type of troops should you train for the most prestige gain? Well there are three types of military facilities. You have your stable, your workshop, and your barracks. In each type of building there is one troop that will gain the most Prestige. Listed below is the prestige value of each troop type and the amount of prestige they are worth per troop. Also Wall fortifications and how much they are worth. So if you were to build 1 of each the numbers below represent what you would gain.

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Chapter 3 Marauding Wilds-

Level 1 Wild
These wilderness areas generally have 20 to 30 Hastatus and Sagittarius total. There isn’t much need to use dummies in these wilds unless you are starting the game. So don’t waste your troops on dummies for them. You should be able to get away with 10/10/10 Hastatus backed by 10/10/10 Sagittarius. If you take a loss of 1/2 those figures increase each spot by 5.
If you have the men send 20/20/20 Hastatus and 20/20/20 Sagittarius so that you can repeat several times without having to reload more men each time.

Level 2 Wild
Luxury: Dye
D = Dummy H = Hammer (can be any Hero loaded with the strike force needed)
These wilds generally have about 60 to 100 Hastatus and Sagittarius total. If you are in the first few hours of your game then you may one to start using dummy heroes at this point. 1 hero loaded with 1/1/1 Hastatus, and your POT hero (Hammer) loaded with 20/20/20 Hastatus and 20/20/20 Sagittarius on the same hero. You want to be sure to send enough troops to kill the enemy, but you don’t need overkill. If you feel the need to use more then one send them in the formation DDH.
Further into the game you can use one Hero with 20-20-20 Principes.

Level 3 Wild
Luxury: Spices
D = Dummy H = Hammer
These wilds are different, because this is where you start to encounter Ballistae. Ballistae have armor piercing damage so be careful and scout the wilds first. You will also notice when your Recon is high enough that these wilds tend to have anywhere from 120 – 400 enemy troops in them. All wilds from 3 up can be one of three things weak, mediocre, and strong as hell. When you start marauding level 3 wilds make sure to scout each and every time. You will also want to continue use dummies in level 3 wilds. Troop set up for level three wilds would be 1/1/1 Hastatus and 1/1/1 Sagittarius for each dummy. You may also be making Equites by now, so use them. You will need 200/200/200 Equites depending on the wild and how strong it is, you may get away with half that figure. If you don’t have Equites then use Hastatus backed by Sagittarius 200/200/200. Send your heroes in the formation DDH.

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Chapter 3 Marauding Wilds Cont'd-

Level 4 Wild
Luxury: Wine
D = Dummy H = Hammer
These wilds generally have 450 -600 enemy troop count. Again there are weak, mediocre, and strong wilds so make sure you scout before you maraud. This is where you will want to make sure you use dummies every attack. It’s a pain to load them but do it, it’s worth it. You will want to continue to use the DDH formation. Your dummies don’t need to be strengthened yet, so continue to use the 1/1/1 Hastatus and 1/1/1 Sagittarius. If you are making Equites set your hammer up with 400/400/400 Equites. If you haven’t built Equites use 200/200/200 Hastatus backed by 200/200/200 Sagittarius.

Level 5 Wild
Luxury: Wool
D = Dummy H = Hammer
These wilds you will find anything from 950 – 1500 enemy troops. Again make sure you know your wild before you start marauding. Scout every wild, even if you have done it before. If someone seized it and abandons it then the wild will reset and have a different troop count. You still want to send in the DDH formation using dummies 1/1/1 Hastatus backed by 1/1/1 Sagittarius. If you aren’t making Equites yet, start. Send your Equites on your hammer in the 350/350/350 formation.

Level 6 Wild
Luxury: Silk
D = Dummy H = Hammer
There can be anywhere from 2000 – 3000 enemy troops found in these wilds, maybe a little more. You will also find that these wilds have 3 enemy heroes and they may be armed with Equites. This is good; make sure you always hit the wilds that have Equites in them. If you don’t see Equites listed move on.
In these wilds you will start using another formation for your heroes DHD. You will still use the 1/1/1 Hastatus backed by 1/1/1 Sagittarius. Use 700/700/700 Equites loaded to your Hammer for these wilds. You should have a loss of about 3 Equites.

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Chapter 3 Marauding Wilds Cont'd-

Level 7 Wild
Luxury: Furs
D = Dummy H = Hammer
You can expect to find anything from 4000 – 7000 enemy troops in these wilds. Be sure to scout and find one with a low troop count that has Equites. You will also need to strengthen your dummies. If they fail you will take a high loss to your Equites. Use dummies loaded with 50/15/15 Hastatus or 50/15/15 Sagittarius. You don’t need both at this point. You will also need to start using a 1700/1700/1700 formation for your Equites. Continue to use the DHD formation; you will want to find wilds that have Equites in them. You should take a loss of about 9 Equites total.

Security, Medication, and Equitation should all be at Lv 7

Level 8:
These wilds can be some what hard, and finding one that is weak can be difficult. Although when you do you will want to make sure you have large enough dummies to take the attack. Level 8’s can have a wide variety of troop types in them. You will face anything from Hastatus to Oangers. I would suggest finding one with Hastatus, Sagittarius, and Equites if you can. If not, then just beef up your dummies. I have been using the formation 200/100/100 Hastatus. If the wild seems to have a high enemy count then I back the Hastatus by 200/100/100 Sagittarius. If your dummies fail, the attacker will move to the next hero over, meaning your Equites. I would suggest leveling up your hammer and using spike formation with your Equites (10%/10%/80%). You shouldn't need anymore then 20k Equites total if your dummies down't fail. If you can manage to take the enemy troops out in one round you will have little troop loss. If you lose more troops then expected don’t freak out, that’s okay. Just beef up your dummies a little more until you find the right ratio.
At this point you will either launch DDH (if no Equites) or DHD (if there are Equites)

Level 9:
In these wilds you will start to face 4 hero wilds. Meaning there will be 2 rounds minimum. So find one with Equites in it. We’re going to go back to the DDH formation. Use 10/10/10 Prins backed by 0/60/0 Sag. Load your Hammer up with Marauding formation (33%/33%/34%) for maximum damage. If there are Principles in these wilds don’t worry about it the DDHD formation will keep their missile attack off of you.

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