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Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's)

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1Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) Empty Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) on Sun Nov 06, 2011 7:03 pm


Set up for Wild Farming
Level 1 to 2 wilds got only 1 hero. Level 3 to 5 wilds got 2 heroes. Level 6 to 8 wilds got 3 heroes. Level 9 to 10 wilds got 4 heroes.
Farm the level 4 wilds with D/D/H/D/D for the 25 yellow aglets but also for the resources so your city and troop building won’t stop at all. Once you have 4 medium packs u can start farming with horses and princ.
The best way to farm wilds is with dummies and horses
• Level 1 and 2
You do this with 5/5/5 Principe’s in one hero army,
• Level 3
Find a small wild with only sagi and hast in it and no more than 140 hast. Use 1 hero with 15/15/15 Principe’s.
• Level 4
2 dummies and 1 hammer D/D/H (220,220 horses) or 3 dummies and 1 hammer D/D/H/D (220 horses). Later you can send in 40/40/40 Principe’s on 2 heroes. Have to b sagi, hast only and a small level 4. Later you can send in 80/80/80 on one hero with tech level 7/7 medication. and security.
• Level 5
2 dummies 1 hammer D/D/H (450,450 horses) or 3 dummies and 1 hammer D/D/H/D (450 horses)
• Level 6
2 dummies 1 hammer D/H/D (700,700,700 horses). With level 6 wilds you need to find the wilds with horses in them. If no horses you will take bigger losses.
• Level 7
2 Anvils (ANVILS are Hast or Ponies 20-20-20 or 30-30-30) 1 hammer A/H/A(1300/1300/1300 horses). The anvils here are Hast only and 10/10/10 or 20/20/20 also this is for a small level 7 wilds and at this point only farm those that are small and only have Hast, Sagi, and horses. Or this won’t work
• Level 8 and up.
At this level and up the wilds vary in size massively, so always scout or probe the wild first. A probe is when u send 1 horse on a suicide mission, to get the wild set up.
I use this simple formula when hitting these wilds: ((haste / 3) x 2)+10%. This gives you the number of horses per stack you need to use to take the wild out. This formula can work for all lvl wilds actually. Also use anvils of 30 to 50 hast per stack, A/H/A

2Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) Empty Alternative Set-ups on Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:19 pm


Lvl 1: one hero with..
1/1/1 princ
20/20/20 equis
50/50/50 hast and 50/50/50 sag

Lvl 2: one hero with..
10/10/10 princ
50/50/50 equis (20/20/20 equis too with higher techs)
150/150/150 hast 150/150/150 sag (this is low loss, not zero)

Lvl 3: one hero with...
50/50/50 princ

Lvl 4: one hero..
200/200/200 equis can take it with low losses (4-6 ponies lost.. your tech levels will affect this. Low security and medication levels would take more losses)

Lvl 5: one hero..
200/200/200 princ (low loss, about 6)

Lvl 6: two heroes..
200/200/200 princ each (loose about 20 princs, but useful when grinding for silk)

Lvl 7: two heroes..
400/400/400 princ 400/400/400 onag each(yes these guys are slow, I only use them with wilds close to my cities)
three heroes: sent d/h/d
dummy = 15/15/15 hast and 30/0/0 sag (yes only one division of sag)
hammer = 3k/3k/3k equi (9k so you take the wild regardless of size, but you still have to find a wild with equis in it)

Lvl 8: three heroes, sent d/h/d (wild need equis in it.. in fact, lvl 7+ all need equis in them when you use equi hammers)
dummy = 25/25/25 hast, back row empty
hammer = 3.6k/3.6k/3.6k equis

Lvl 9: four heroes, sent d/d/h/d
dummy = 50/50/50 hast 10/10/10 sag (or 10/10/10 princ, works with just two dummies)
hammer = 8k/8k/8k equis
**with high tech levels, high level hero, and some gear**
three heroes, sent d/d/h... same numbers as above
(if you are loosing a good amount of equis, send bigger dummies, 150/150/150 hast and sag or 10/10/10 princ with onags)

Lvl 10: four heroes, sent d/d/h/d
dummy = 200/200/200 hast 200/200/200 sag or 20/20/20 princ 20/20/20 onags
hammer = 12k/12k/12k equis
(again with gear and high level hero, you can cut back to only the first two dummies)

*Friendly reminder: ALWAYS scout your wilds. Sizes vary, and they vary greatly when you get to lvl 8's. Plus, you'll be looking for equis once you start lvl 7's. Another reason, is wilds change! Their numbers and set ups switch up occasionally. So you can be farming a wild, getting maybe 6 losses, when all of the sudden you start loosing a couple hundred!*

The part about wilds switching up their numbers brings up another good point to make. You can "weaken" a wild. They seem to have a number of set ups that they circulate through, and you can force them to switch with this method:

Scout the wild. Sieze it. Release it. Rescout it.
The unit types and the numbers change each time, but they don't always go smaller and weaker.

Another note: avoid wilds with princs. Especially 9's and 10's, their double shot will most likely take out your dummies and your hammer will take more hits. I tend to avoid onags too, but no so much as princs.

3Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) Empty Re: Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) on Sat Aug 11, 2012 8:40 am


how many equis would i need for a lvl 3?

4Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) Empty How many Equites for a lvl 3 on Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:32 pm


With lvl 7 techs, 100/100/100 equites will one round a lvl 3 wild. You can use two dummies in the front or your equite hammer to get no losses.

At lvl 30 techs 50/50/50 takes it no losses in one round without dummies.

50/50/50 also works with low lvl techs, but it doesn't do it in one round, so you will suffer losses unless you add more dummies after the hammer.

5Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) Empty Re: Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) on Sat Aug 11, 2012 6:35 pm


oh ty ive been sending princ but was curious.

6Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) Empty Re: Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) on Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:33 am


against a lvl 3 wild

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7Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) Empty Re: Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) on Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:38 am


i forget there's only two heroes on the low level wilds, so actually you can do it with 100/100 equites, no need for the third stack Smile

8Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) Empty Re: Farming Guide (Yeah-Imma's) on Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:19 pm


if you send ddh with 10/10/10 princ 5/5/5/ as the dummies and 200/200/100 equis as the hammer you will suffer no losses on a level 4 wild.

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